December 27, 2008

Pandora Radio and Plato.

I'm addicted to Pandora Internet Radio, partially because iTunes hates my computer and mostly because it is amazing.
I made a new station a few days ago based on all (available) of the songs from The Killers' new album, Day + Age. I've been getting 80%, 20% questionable material back.

The golden musical joy included "You haven't told me anything (that I didn't already know)" by Keane, a band that can be hit or miss, in my opinion. I suggest that you go listen to this particular song.

The nerdy part is that upon hearing the song, in which the title phrase is oft repeated, I was immediately and forcefully reminded of Plato's doctrine of recollection.
Now, I learned about this about 3 months ago in a history of ancient philosophy class that I only took because it is required for my major. I hated the class and fully expected to forget everything. Remembering it when I heard this song struck me quite by surprise.

The basic idea is that Plato proposes that there exist some fundamental truths and universals like "love itself" and "beauty itself." He also wants is to believe that knowledge of these things is innate. That is, that we have it from birth. The trick is that we can't access this information. We recollect (key word!) them at the point that we finally grasp the concepts. We don't actually learn these things because we had them in our heads (or minds, for the substance dualists) all along.
Aristotle and I have a few issues with this view, but they can be left for another time.

And thus, I give you Plato's theme song for the doctrine of recollection:
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  1. I think your addiction to Pandora is very healthy.