April 15, 2010

There's a browser for that.

I'm just going to say it: I don't understand apps.
Applications, sure, on a computer, but the fascination with apps is just beyond me.

My main conc
ern is that they're just unnecessary.
Almost all of the app-friendly devices also support web browsers. I could sort of understand apps if a browser is unavailable, but as far as I know, most people have them.

The over-specialization of apps is a real problem. You have dozens, including one for ordering pizza hut, one for mafia wars, one for your Facebook status, one for twitter, and one for Geico. You can access all of those things from a browser, and it will be better from a browser!

Waah, I need to access all my favorite stuff in three seconds or I'll just die!
That's what bookmarks are for.

Better yet, a browser (on a netbook, which I think is the current ideal device) has tabs! Tabs are the ultimate in multitasking. You can have each of the above 'apps' open at once, in the form of websites!

The worst app of all has to be email.
Yes, email is important; there's no way that I'm denying that.
However, you don't need to be alerted by your pocket vibrating every time eBay says "don't miss out on your watched items!"

Apps clutter up your desktop. Pages and pages of little icons: how infuriating to page through to find what you want with no organization. As far as I know, you can't make folders on a device like an iPod touch the way that you can on a computer... and since something like the iPad functions much the same as an iPod touch, again, you have a lack of clean desktop space.

So, Apps don't have any special function that a browser & website don't already. They're far too specific, so that you end up with way more of them than you need. I would not be surprised if most apps on a device are used less than 5 times. Then, you end up with a cluttered device and don't get to enjoy your snazzy background.

Conclusion: Apps are stupid and we'd be better off without them.
Image from ismashphone
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