April 15, 2011

Vim sans Vigor

A few days ago, I came to realize something: Nobody says Vim on its own.

In my experience, and that of a few people whom I've since consulted, people don't say "vim" without coupling it with "and vigor."

Merriam-Webster defines "vim" as robust energy and enthusiasm, and notes its first known use in 1843.
It comes from Latin, "vis," meaning strength.  Their webpage says nothing about using it in combination vigor, instead including it among the synonyms which I found encouraging.  Not only is "vim and vigor" just kind of silly, but it's redundant.

I say that we should bring vim back, and give vigor a break.  In addition to helping you look like a smartypants, you might be able to educate somebody who thinks it can only be used with "vigor."

Spread the word, with vim!

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