March 12, 2009

Video Nerd Update!

I totally forgot to mention that I got that TV from Target the day before I left for spring break. It is beeeautiful. Unfortunately, in the process of setting it up and moving it around, the sheathing on one end of the coaxial cable broke off and I couldn't fix it. I'm going to need a new one of those, and I'll also hunt around for an HDMI... to hook up my new XBOX 360 that could possibly already be at the campus post office!

I'm so excited to become a DDR dork.

In other news, the internet in my dorm room has now been off for almost a week. I've given my laptop to the IT people to "inspect" and will hopefully be getting it back in a day or two.
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1 comment:

  1. So explain why it's still on vacation? the laptop that is...